28 Feb 2021

What are 'Low Carbon Grants' and how can they help Reading businesses?

Did you know that Reading-based business may be eligible for grants to help with energy and resource efficiency?  Low Carbon Workspaces are offering up to £5,000 to help small and medium sized businesses in Berkshire subsidise the cost of upgrading equipment to improve energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and improve the overall quality of the workspace. 


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How does the grant progamme work?

Grants between £1,000 and £5,000 are available to help fund up to a third of the cost of energy saving projects such as LED lighting, energy efficient boilers, insulation/glazing, and solar panels. The programme has already awarded grants to 23 businesses in Berkshire, including a grant to Crumbs Food Company in Reading for the installation of solar panels which will help the business save up to 3 tonnes of CO₂e per year and £1,800 a year on energy bills.

Why should businesses apply for a Low Carbon Grant?

On top the financial saving, there are other benefits to reducing energy usage, such as providing a more comfortable working environment for employees and customers. For example, good lighting is crucial to productivity and staff wellbeing - comfortable and happy staff can improve productivity by up to 13%. Ensuring the workplace is properly heated and insulated is also of great importance; a recent study showed that 82% of staff felt that their productivity declined when their workspace was cold.

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How do businesses apply?

The application process is quick and easy, and a dedicated Project Officer in Berkshire will guide businesses through the process, advising them on how to tackle energy consumption, helping to identify suitable projects for funding and providing support to businesses struggling to take their first step towards sustainable practices. The team help appraise projects and offer a green diagnostic to identify additional energy efficiency upgrades and how the scheme may be able to offer funding.

Programme Manager Daniel Cope says: “Businesses that are on the cusp of carrying out improvements, wishing to discuss sustainable-best-practice, or even hoping to be inspired on where to begin, should get in touch. These changes, such as LED lighting, insulation, or heating upgrades, can deliver real improvements to the workplace and increase the comfort and productivity of those working there.”

Low Carbon Workspaces also work closely with suppliers of energy saving technologies, who may be listed on their supplier directory, free of charge. This can help businesses unsure who can implement their project chose a local supplier for their project.

Find out more 

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Businesses can check their eligibility for a grant and identify suitable projects via the Low Carbon Workspaces website, or the team can be contacted on 01494 927131 or via email.



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