A city by most measures

6 Jun 2022

All over the capital city, I am seeing the name of Reading up in lights as the western terminus of the new Elizabeth Line. Reading – a place with its own identity but also even better connected to..

Reading on track to deliver major rail investment in 2022

3 Mar 2022

As Reading eagerly awaits the Queen’s decision on the City Status Bid, the town is far from standing still. Reading continues to build its visitor welcome as one of the most accessible and..

Your Place, Our Place: Reading’s New Pop Up 'Urban Room'

28 Feb 2022

What is the concept of an 'Urban Room' and what could it mean for Reading? Since Reading's Economic Forum back in 2018, this is something that Reading UK's Executive Director, Nigel Horton-Baker, and..

What does 'levelling up' mean for the Reading city region?

4 Feb 2022

Amongst all the parliamentary gossip and smoke about Christmas parties, Boris Johnson and Michael Gove finally launched the long awaited (300 page) Levelling Up White Paper this week. The White Paper..

Reading’s Green Business Improvement District

13 Oct 2021

With what is being billed as the world’s last best chance to address the issue of runaway climate change set to take place on these shores in November under the banner of COP26, Reading UK’s Chief..

Developing international tourism links with Spain

23 Sep 2021

Alex Brannen’s whistle-stop visit to Galicia in northwest Spain is the latest step in an international collaboration to build on strong cultural links between Galicia and Reading and will help..

The future of Reading town centre

6 Sep 2021

Like so many places, the challenges brought on by the pandemic have magnified some of the underlying structural issues facing our retail-dominated town centres. So, what does the future look like? ..

Reading's economic recovery: 18 months on

27 Aug 2021

Reading Festival is back this weekend - bringing some 100,000 music fans to town and an estimated £13 million into the local economy. So, is this a real sign that we might finally be getting back to..

10 reasons to get back to the office in Reading

12 May 2021

1. Let’s start with the basics – people and lunch! What’s the working day without a good lunch? Reading’s street food market (Wednesdays & Fridays) is hugely popular with office workers. And if a..

Rediscover wellness: Local things to do for body and mind

27 Apr 2021

Looking after ourselves, both in mind and body has been one of the watchwords of life under lockdown. With many shops selling out of home gym equipment and people feeling bored by the same old daily..